Camping Chair

traveler Camping Chair - Double Cup

- Product Description 100% Turkish Made
- With its very durable fabric, it provides both comfort and durability.
- There are extra supported fabric sections on the seat and back parts.
- It has armrests designed with hard plastic and cup holders in both parts.
- It can be folded and unfolded quickly.
- Can be folded into small sizes
- Metal parts are durable metal and painted with electrostatic oven paint. You will not encounter problems such as rusting and blackening.
- It can be folded in one piece and easily with one hand. You can easily place it in the trunk of any vehicle.
The place of manufacture is Turkey.
- It has a carrying capacity of up to 150 Kg.
- A maximum of 10 orders can be placed for this product. Trendyol reserves the right to cancel orders over 10 units.
- More than 10 stocks are offered to be sold at the campaign price.
- The seller determines the selling price of the product you have examined.